Handmade Bronze Raja Rajeswari

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Bronze Raja Rajeshwari with Arch.
Sri Rajarajeswari, the omnipotent and omnipresent Mother, taking care as her children (devotees), guiding them to the path of knowledge and nourishes them. The supreme mother , worshipped in the Sri Chakra. Seated on Ashtadala padma (Lotus), Sri Rajarajeswari is the unified form of Sri-Durga,Sri- Lakshmi and Sri-Saraswathi. Sri-Raja-Rajeswari, holds the weapons Pasa(String),Ankusa (goad),Ikshu-Danda(Bow of Manmatha),and Pushpa-Bana(Flower-arrows) in four of her Hands. Unique feature of this masterpiece made of Panchloha is that Sri Rajarajeswari's rigt leg touching the ground and left folded and rest on right thigh, signify that she can be worshipped through Bhakthi and knowledge..
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Length 10.0000
Width 13.5000
Height 31.0000
Weight 4.6000
Material Bronze
Additional Information Hand Made Raja Rajeswari Madee From Bronze New Finishing, In Her 4 Hands She Holds A Sprig Of Sugarcance, A Noose And An Ax,Decorative
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