Handmade Tanjore Art Plate

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Height 15.2 cm
Weight 0.5 kg
Material Brass, Silver & Copper
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The history of Thanjavur art plate can be traced to 18th century. It was first introduced by Rajah Serfoji-II when the Marathas were ruling in Thanjavur. Rajah Serfoji suggested his artisans to show their talent and make an outstanding piece of metal craft that should be a masterpiece in itself. It was then when the craftsmen first made a Thanjavur art plate to gift it to their favorite king. It was designed using copper, brass and silver. A community called as Vishwakarmas crafted these plates. This community consists of few goldsmiths from Thanjavur. Making Thanjavur art plates became a source of living for the Vishwakarmas. The art of making Thanjavur art plate is inherited where only men are involved. It is now declared as a cottage industry as these fine plates are designed in the houses of craftsmen of Thanjavur. In 2011, at Government museum in Thanjavur, a 20th century Thanjavur art plate was exhibited. The plate consisted of brass, copper and silver in an exceptionally artistic manner. The plate depicted images of Nataraja, sage Pathanjali and Goddess Sivakami standing at the centre of a lotus flower.
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Height 15.2000
Weight 0.5000
Material Brass, Silver & Copper
Additional Information Hand Made Tanjore Art Plate, Zinc, Copper, Brass Metal, Best Option For Corporate Gifting,Gift Articles
Specification circle=10" DIA
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